Great Deals on Barrister Bookcases From Around the Web

More than a century ago, government officials, barristers and others relied on reference books for their livelihood. Acquiring these books was expensive, and with frequent handling, along with daily exposure to light, moisture and dust, the books  deteriorated. People soon recognized that they needed to protect the books they invested in and depended upon for their livelihood. 

To meet this need, Frederick Ezekiel Hale began to manufacture bookcases in 1907. His innovative design included a glass-front door that covered each individual shelf. The door lifted and slid back over the tops of the books to allow for easy access to the contents of each shelf. The shelves themselves were individually constructed and stackable. Completely handcrafted, Hale’s design was appreciated for its ability to house and protect not only books, but other treasured memorabilia.

The barrister bookcase continues to be an attractive choice today. In addition to protecting books and mementos from environmental damage, the glass fronts keep children from pulling books and treasures off the shelves, making them a great option for home as well as office. 

Today’s barrister bookcase offers several design options. The glass fronts can be etched, or made of safety tempered glass. Different hardware options are available. The bookcases themselves can be constructed from everything ranging from engineered wood to solid cherry. Some units consist of individual stackable units, while others are sold as solid pieces of three or four shelves. 

When shopping for a barrister bookcase, there are several factors to consider. First, where the bookcase will live: in an office or at home? How much shelving space is needed? Is versatility important? In other words, will it be useful to have a bookcase that can be disassembled and used in pieces, even in different rooms, or will the unit be stationary? What finish would work in the room, and what hardware will coordinate with the style of the other hardware in the room? 

Once these requirements are identified, it’s time to start shopping. Southern Enterprises makes a barrister bookcase with an antique white finish that would be at home in any room. Sauder makes a bookcase from MDF with a cherry finish. At the other end of the spectrum cost-wise are custom units handmade of solid woods with various finishes and shipping options, such as those from Bissell Woodworking.

Whatever your needs and available space, there is a barrister bookcase that will fit.

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